Monofilament Swivel Lines

Reliable Nylon monofilament lines.

Monofilament lines with plastic stoppers are newly designed and developed with our technology.

Based on customers’ needs, line thickness and length, distance between swivels, and numbers of swivels can be decided.

Breaking Strenght of Monofilament

Product lineSIZE (mm)

Swivel: SS Swivel/Clip with SS Swivel
Material: Nylon
Color: Light Blue/Light Green/Red/Natural White


PP Ropes/PE Ropes

PP Rope - 3 strand/Green color

Product lineSIZE (mm) 6891011141618202224
Weight (kg/m)1.753.103.904.806.959.4012.1015.4019.0023.0027.35
Breaking strength5801.1301.3601.6002.2503.0003.8004.7005.6006.9008.100


PE Rope - 3 strand/Orange color

Product lineSIZE (mm) 456891012141618202224
Weight (kg/m)0.801.251.803.
Breaking strength1803004207509101.1001.2001.8002.2003.0003.6004.2005.000