Swivel Lines

Our swivel lines have very smooth rotation of clip swivels on the rope with high breaking strength.
All metal parts are made of stainless steel for preventing the rust in the salt water and all their functions needed the high engineering skills to get
better quality than before.

4 - Strand T&D Black Swivel Line

Item numberSIZE (mm) DBS No. of SW LENGTHSTOPPER
804962706.01.08 m500540 mSS metal
804963006.01.20 m450540 mSS metal
804964406.01.80 m150270 mSS metal
804975007.01.30 m415540 mSS metal
804975507.02.0 m270540 mSS metal
804981009.01.10 m245270 mSS metal
804982309.01.20 m225270 mSS metal
804983509.01.40 m128180 mSS metal
804983609.01.40 m192270 mSS metal
804984309.21.40 m192270 mSS metal
804985009.51.10 m245270 mSS metal
804985109.51.20 m225270 mSS metal
804985609.51.50 m120180 mSS metal
8050150010.01.40 m128180 mSS metal
8050170010.01.50 m120180 mSS metal
8050182010.02.45 m72180 mSS metal
8050240011.51.10 m245270 mSS metal
8050250011.51.20 m225270 mSS metal
8050251011.51.20 m150180 mSS metal
8050251111.51.20 m150180 mSS metal
8050252011.51.40 m128180 mSS metal
8050262012.01.20 m150180 mSS metal
8050262512.01.20 m150180 mSS metal
8050263012.01.20 m150180 mSS metal
8050264012.01.20 m150180 mSS metal