Lead Sinkers

Lead Sinkers / Lead Sinkers with hole

Made with 100 % Stainless Steel wire and SS Swivel, which is rust free.

Special shape of wire inside the sinker makes our lead sinkers stronger.

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Lead Sinkers

ITEM NUMBERDESCRIPTIONSizeWeight (kg)SS wire (mm)SS Swivel
30004200Lead Sinker 0,5 kg0.50.51.54/0 - O6.0
30004250Lead Sinker 1,0 kg1.01.01.54/0 - O6.0
30004300Lead Sinker 1,5 kg1.51.52.04/0 - O6.0
30004350Lead Sinker 2,0 kg2.02.02.04/0 - O6.0
30004400Lead Sinker 2,5 kg2.52.52.54/0 - O6.0
30004450Lead Sinker 3,0 kg3.03.02.54/0 - O6.0
30004500Lead Sinker 3,5 kg3.53.52.54/0 - O6.0

Lead Sinkers with hole

30003500Lead Sinker 85ghole 6.0 mm inner diameter
30003570Lead Sinker 150ghole 6.0 mm inner diameter
30003620Lead Sinker 200ghole 6.0 mm inner diameter