T&D Green / Red Swivel Lines

Both T&D Green and Red Swivel Lines are made of Polyester and PP Danline.
T&D Green/Red Swivel Lines are perfect for coastal fishing.
Different length between plastic stoppers and swivels can be made upon customers’ requests.
Rotations and coilings are checked and tested on each line everytime it is produced.
The lines can be coated in Acryl, and delivered ready to use with swivels, snoods and hooks attached.
The red color on red swivel line shows uniqueness among other lines in the markets.

Purchase T&D Green Swivel Lines online here

Please contact us if the size/ specifications you want, isn’t available on our webshop.

3 - Strand T&D Green Swivel Line

803533103.51.20 m450540 mPlastic
803534003.51.20 m450540 mPlastic
803536003.51.50 m360540 mPlastic
803538003.51.80 m260470 mPlastic
803538103.51.80 m300540 mPlastic
803538203.51.80 m300540 mPlastic
803539503.55.00 m108540 mPlastic
803548404.01.00 m540540 mPlastic
803642504.51.20 m450540 mPlastic
803653804.51.60 m337540 mPlastic
803655904.51.80 m300540 mPlastic
803656004.51.80 m300540 mPlastic
803672004.53.00 m180540 mPlastic
803673504.55.00 m108540 mPlastic
803685004.512.0 m45540 mPlastic
803754205.01.00 m540540 mPlastic
803755205.02.05 m260540 mSS metal
803758005.05.00 m0540 mPlastic
803852005.51.10 m245270 mPlastic
803856105.51.20 m450540 mPlastic
803869005.51.80 m260470 mPlastic
803871005.52.05 m260540 mSS metal
803878005.518.0 m30540 mPlastic
804959806.01.10 m245270 mPlastic
804962806.01.10 m245270 mSS metal
804964106.01.80 m300540 mPlastic
804964206.01.80 m300540 mSS metal
804964806.01.80 m150270 mSS metal
804964956.02.00 m270540 mPlastic
804965306.03.00 m180540 mSS metal
804974207.01.00 m360360 mSS metal
804975457.02.00 m270540 mSS metal

*Swivel: SS Swivel/Clip with SS Swivel

*Impregnation: Acryl

Purchase T&D Red Swivel Lines online here

Please contact us if the size/ specifications you want, isn’t available on our webshop.

3 - Strand T&D Red Swivel Line

803527503.01.80 m300540 mPlastic
803527903.01.80 m260470 mPlastic
803532503.51.10 m490540 mPlastic
803533003.51.20 m450540 mPlastic
803535003.51.30 m415540 mPlastic
803536103.51.50 m360540 mPlastic
803537103.51.60 m335540 mPlastic
803538303.51.80 m300540 mPlastic
803539203.53.00 m180540 mPlastic
803541403.512.0 m45540 mPlastic
803542003.515.0 m36540 mPlastic
803543103.518.0 m30540 mPlastic
803544003.530.0 m25750 mPlastic
803549004.09.00 m60540 mPlastic
803640854.51.00 m540540 mPlastic
803641004.51.10 m490540 mPlastic
803642604.51.20 m450540 mPlastic
803648004.51.30 m415540 mPlastic
803652004.51.50 m360540 mPlastic
803653404.51.60 m337540 mPlastic
803655804.51.80 m300540 mPlastic
803685104.512.0 m45540 mPlastic
803691004.515.0 m36540 mPlastic
803694504.518.0 m30540 mPlastic
803852105.51.10 m490540 mPlastic
803856005.51.20 m450540 mPlastic
803857505.51.30 m415540 mPlastic
803859105.51.50 m360540 mPlastic
803860905.51.60 m337540 mPlastic
803862005.51.60 m337540 mSS metal
803868005.51.80 m150270 mSS metal
803869105.51.80 m300540 mPlastic
803869205.51.80 m300540 mSS metal
803873905.512.0 m46540 mPlastic
803875005.515.0 m30450 mPlastic
803875505.515.0 m1001500 mPlastic
803875605.515.0 m36540 mPlastic
803878405.518.0 m30540 mPlastic
803879005.518.0 m1001800 mPlastic
804963306.01.30 m208270 mSS metal
804964906.01.80 m150270 mSS metal
804966106.21.30 m208270 mSS metal
804977808.01.00 m280280 mSS metal

*Impregnation: Acryl

*Swivel: SS Swivel/Clip SS Swivel